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Ringtones for iPhone. app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 5328 ratings )
Developer: Alanis Rucabado
2.99 USD
Current version: 1.6, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 12 Oct 2015
App size: 36.35 Mb

ALL NEW Ringtones Catalog with fresh ringtones - check out now!

Browse, Create and Customize
UNLIMITED Ringtones, Text Tones and Alert Tones!

Now you have the ability to personalize your iPhone by adding or creating your own ringtones, text tones and other alert tones. Choose the soundtrack you want to use as your ringtone, specify the type of your alert, then choose the required segment from the audio track and tap ‘save’. It’s really easy!

App Key Features:

- Full iPhone 8/8 Plus support

- All new ringtones catalog with freshest ringtones

- Dozens of thematic categories: Funny Sounds, Top, Christmas Tones, Classical, OST, Effects and many more!

- Browse featured, most popular or newest Ringtones

- Create unlimited ringtones using songs from your Library

- Create unlimited text tones and alert tones (iOS 7.0 and later)

- Use the microphone to record ringtones, text tones and alert tones

- Organize & edit your saved ringtones, text tones and alert tones in “My Tones” library

Download our latest ringtones app now and get cool popular mobile ringtones, including Christmas, Bollywood, Punjabi, Hindi, Arabic, Country, Funny ringtones and many more! Just select gratis ring tones in our catalog and app downloader will transfer them to your phone. Use our ringtone maker to convert mp3 songs from your library or make your own best music ringtone for free with ringtone editor. Replace your old default sms message/mail/calendar/alarm tones with our brand new ringtones!

Please note that you will have to sync your device with iTunes in order to transfer your downloads.

- To install your ringtones, sms/mail/calendar/alarm and other tones and alerts you will have to follow our instructions and then sync your device with iTunes
- Sms/mail/calendar/alarm and other tones and alerts setup is available only for iOS 7.0 and later
- iPhone 3G is not supported

Pros and cons of Ringtones for iPhone. app for iPhone and iPad

Ringtones for iPhone. app good for

This is the first app I have used for additional Ring and Text tones for the iPhone 6+. This apparent to be working so far... Alaska Hank
It has ringtones, took a bit to get in phone using pc but now I know how and shall go much quicker next time. You wont be disappointed with app but may get frustrated sticking in phone
1. Connect your device to (iTunes, a.Go to “Apps” tab & scroll down to b.“File Sharing” 2.Select “Ringtones” app 3.Choose ringtones in the “File Sharing” section on the right and save them to the Desktop (easiest if you drag it to Desktop) 4.Double clock on copied ringtones (on Desktop) and hit “Sync” in iTunes

Some bad moments

I dont usually sign into my account to write a review but I thought this was very important. I am so frustrated with this app. Why cant they just make an app that you can download ringtones directly on to your phone when you want. I still havent figured out how to install the tones that I downloaded yesterday even though the app does give instructions. I think possibly theres a step or two missing out of the step-by-step instructions.
I find this app to be vary difficult to use. I dont like the way I have to junk up my desktop with ringtones.
It is very difficult to start the song where you would like it. The library is very limited. It wont use any songs that I am subscribed to through iTunes monthly subscription.
This app is c great to use but it doesnt work at all for me right now and I have the iPhone 6s and I am running iOS 9.3.4 but it freezes up and runs very slow I dont know if it is a bug or it is just not compatible with my iPhone but please I beg you guys to at least take a look at it and try to fix the problem so I can keep trying to use this app and create ringtones with it then I will consider giving you guys a 5 star rating
I wouldve rated this higher but it is really hard to get it to work. Had to first sync my computer to phone and then go from there. Maybe the next time I get a new ringtone it wont take so long or be so aggravating.
I liked the paid version of this app better than this one basically because the paid version you dont have to deal with those annoying crappy adds that take up your time when you try to create a ringtone it makes me sad to say goodbye to the paid version but what do I know all part of business I guess but I still wish the paid version would still be available to use yet but I guess I will have to get use to this one.

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